Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do's & Don't In Blogging

For Blogger

  • Do consider that you have global audience. Be responsible.
  • Do write for specific topic. Find your niche.
  • Do not steal content from other blog. Provide credit and link back whenever you copy a text or image.
  • Do not hotlink images. Ask permission to use the graphics, save it to your own computer and insert to your own blog.
  • Do not use your blog as a battlefield.

For Reader

  • Do post related comment only. Use email for other purposes.
  • Do not leave negative anonymous comments. Stand up for your opinion and link your name or otherwise do not comment at all.
  • Do remember that CAPS is like shouting or yelling.
  • Do respond to people's comment on your blog.
  • Do respect other views and opinions.


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